UFC Research – Takedowns Not As Important to Wins as Traditionally Thought

UFC Research – Takedowns Not As Important to Wins as Traditionally Thought

In brazilian jiu jitsu having a well rounded game has long been a big point of interest. The major point of contention in many academies where most rolls start from the knees are takedowns.

However recently UFC’s state of the art Performance institute released an interesting report – leading us to think Takedowns Not As Important to Wins as Traditionally Thought in mma.

“I would have thought from my coaching that the ability to dictate where the fight is is the most important thing in a fight,” Griffin said and mmafighting transcribed. “But as far as judging criteria and winning a fight, strikes landed to the head is the most important thing. Significant strikes. Those are the most important things. It’s not that takedowns aren’t important. It’s just that of the 167 metrics — data points — that are collected from each fight, it falls down to 19th. Which surprises you, right?”

UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin- the UFC vice president of athlete development said.

The top five “key performance indicators” in UFC fights are:

Total strikes landed
Significant strikes success percentage
Total strikes attempted
Time in ground control
Significant strikes landed

Per the data, 72 percent of the top-five key performance indicators for all weight classes are related to striking techniques.

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