The BJJ Mental Game Secret Bernardo Faria Learned From Marcelo Garcia To Win Tournaments

The BJJ Mental Game Secret Bernardo Faria Learned From Marcelo Garcia To Win Tournaments

In an enlightening video on his channel, Bernardo Faria, a 5x World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shares a crucial psychological strategy he learned from Marcelo Garcia, a legend in the sport. This strategy, according to Faria, played a significant role in his success in various Jiu Jitsu tournaments, including his double gold wins.

The Psychological Secret of a Champion

Faria begins by expressing a common curiosity in the Jiu Jitsu community: “Everybody always wonder what the Champions are thinking when they’re going to compete.” He then reveals the game-changing advice from Garcia: “He would always start every match and try to attack his opponent since the very beginning as much as he could…almost like doing crazy things like the flying guillotine or arm drags.”

The Intimidation Factor

Garcia’s rationale, as explained by Faria, was rooted in psychology. “He wanted to avoid the fact that…if someone pulls closer and then you go to the person’s closer…they start believing that they can beat you.” Garcia’s approach was to overwhelm his opponents right from the start, making them think, “Oh my God, it’s worse than I thought.”

Applying the Strategy at All Levels

Faria emphasizes that this strategy is not just for top-level competitors but can be effective at all levels, stating, “If you start a match and right away you go after him…I think in their mind they start getting very frustrated.” He shares how he implemented this in his career: “My strategy was like I had my half guard that was very good…I’m going to try a double leg; if double leg fails, I’m going to pull half guard.”

The Mental Game in Jiu Jitsu

Faria stresses the importance of the mental game in Jiu Jitsu, saying, “I think in Jiu Jitsu the mental game is just as important as the technique, as the conditioning, as everything else.” He encourages practitioners at all levels to adopt this mindset, asserting that it can be a significant advantage in competition.

A Valuable Lesson for All

Bernardo Faria’s insights into the mental game of Jiu Jitsu, as taught by Marcelo Garcia, offer a powerful strategy for competitors at any level. By adopting an aggressive, assertive approach from the outset of a match, practitioners can gain a psychological edge over their opponents, potentially leading to greater success in tournaments. This lesson from two of the sport’s greats is not just a tactic but a mindset shift that can profoundly impact one’s Jiu Jitsu journey.