Terere’s Top Tips For Improving Your Takedowns for Jiu-Jitsu

Terere’s Top Tips For Improving Your Takedowns for Jiu-Jitsu


Photo: Jair Sinistro Lacerda

Fernando “Tererê” Augusto is one of the most exciting and influential jiu jitsu competitors to ever step on to the tatami. A multiple time world champion at blue, purple, brown and black belt he is taught some of the most exciting competitors today including Rubens Charles and Andre Galvao.

He is also known for his excellent throws and takedowns. In the past he has taken down such beasts as Roger Gracie or Pe de Chumbo.



Tererê recently spoke to Graciemag (Translated from Portuguese) and gave his advice on how to improve takedowns in Jiu-Jitsu:

GRACIEMAG: Terere, what is the best way to improve your standing game in BJJ?

I think there isn’t anything more important than repetition. The standing game has to be natural to the fighter, he shouldn’t think much about it. Only with repetition you can remember the technique. It’s also important to start training the technique with your training partner standing still and in the future start training the same movement in movement and then in a real fight scenario.

GRACIEMAG: Which one is the best Takedown to start training these repetitions?

The Tomoe Nage is amazing. You can train it with the safety of affording to miss the throw. The real intention of this throw is to put your foot at the opponent’s hips and throw him back. But if you miss it, he will just fall into your guard.


GRACIEMAG: What is your last advice for the athlete to improve his standing game?

If you have some difficulty fighting standing, avoid fighting on the ground. Don`t go around the problem, go towards it. This is the difference between the normal practitioner and the competitor. The competitor must be good in all aspects of the game. He must be complete and always be ready for whatever might happen.

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Fernando Terere teaches one of his favorite takedowns, the Safada Takedown. Terere used this takedown in many matches, even against people who were 50 pounds heavier than he was, including opponents such as Pe de Pano and Roger Gracie (2008 Absolute Mundials).


Terere demonstrates some of the Judo takedowns he adopted for his iu particular, explosive style of jiu jitsu!

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