Rickson Gracie: “Fear Is Not The Enemy”

Rickson Gracie: “Fear Is Not The Enemy”

If you’re looking for someone whom you’d like to take inspiration from, then Rickson Gracie is probably one of the best out there.

And not just when it comes to training…
But, perhaps even more so, when it comes to forging an unbreakable mindset.

For example, here is what Rickson had to say about curiosity and fear in his “Breathe: A Life in Flow” book:

Curiosity coupled with courage allows you to go beyond your limits, venture into the unknown, and establish new limits that you never thought were possible.
My curiosity always overpowered my fear, but fear was also a good friend to me.

People who say they are not afraid of anything are either crazy or stupid.
Fear is a normal emotion that protects you, but sometimes you don’t need protection.

There are times when you have to place fear on the shelf and take action without a moment’s hesitation.

Rickson’s introspection is on a whole other level as well:

My insecure state of mind came from the fear of losing.

If you fear something that has not even happened, then quitting becomes a form of self-protection.
Fear is not the enemy; it’s simply a self-protection mechanism that must be managed.

Quite simply, Rickson decided that he would give it his all – no matter the outcome:

I made a vow to myself that from that day forward I would always try to cross the river no matter the consequences.
This made a huge difference, not just in my fighting career, but in the way I looked at life.

Moving forward, if I committed to something, I was resigned to the outcome no matter what it might be.


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