Nicholas Meregali Shares Wholesome Advice: “Bet On Yourself”

Nicholas Meregali Shares Wholesome Advice: “Bet On Yourself”

If you want to succeed, in whichever area of your life – be it on the Jiu-Jitsu mats, your career, family… Whatever – then there is one important thing you have to do. And that is take risk.
You’ll have to take risk, but not just when it comes to doing the stuff you’re supposed to do. You’ll have to risk by betting on yourself. Which is, often, the toughest risk of all.

Nicholas Meregali explains why that is the case:

Betting yourself is a type of decision you must make to be successful.
Most people who are not reaching their goals in life are those who do not bet on themselves by taking high risks.

Sure, taking that risk carries also the risk of failure.
But isn’t that better than no risk at all?

If you are dreaming big, risk will walk hand in hand with you, and you will always feel like there is a big chance of failure.
On the other side, the risk will make you work harder than someone who isn’t investing their life into the process.

High risk, high commitment, high reward.


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