From Backpack to Black Belt: Soo Wei’s Triumph in BJJ

From Backpack to Black Belt: Soo Wei’s Triumph in BJJ

Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most number of World Champions on the planet. Named as the #1 ranked martial arts organization in Asia by CNN, Yahoo! Sports, FOX Sports, Evolve MMA is the top rated BJJ gym in Singapore.

Soo Wei’s adventure is as eclectic as it is inspiring, it is one of true grit, from roaming Europe’s cobblestone streets to mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), she’s Evolve MMA’s Student of the Month, not just for her fighting spirit but for her journey of self-betterment.

Her story took off with a simple backpack, a dream, and an eye-opening realization about her fitness and safety as a solo traveler. “I backpacked through Europe, and through that trip, I found myself to be really sluggish,” Soo Wei shares. These experiences fueled her dive into martial arts, seeking strength and assurance.

Beyond the physical benefits and joy, BJJ became Soo Wei’s remedy for insomnia, offering her both mental and physical solace.

Life for Soo Wei wasn’t always easy. Hospital visits and insomnia were frequent battles. Yet, she turned her struggles into strength, finding solace and stamina on the BJJ mats“Insomnia was just rummaging through my life,” she recalls.

Twelve years of dedication, sweat, and countless mat hours later, Soo Wei has risen through the ranks to earn her black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. While she dabbled in Muay Thai, it was the strategic depth and the chess-like maneuvers of BJJ that captured her heart.

“I can be a bit more technical, I can be a bit more flexible, I can think a lot more about what my rolling partner is doing, and use that to utilize it in my game.” 

Motivating others and helping them get better is also a characteristic that Soo Wei embodies. Evolve Instructor and BJJ Champion Gamal Hassan had this to share about her helpful personality, “ A person who has been and always willing to help, to be on the mat, and to progress, like to improve.”

To add on to Soo Wei’s compassionate attitude, Evolve Instructor and BJJ Champion Thales Nakassu also shared, “Soo Wei is a very good student, and she always brings a good mood into the classes, and she’s motivating the beginners.”

Soo Wei’s journey in BJJ was fueled not only by her passion for the art but also by the supportive community that became a cornerstone in her pursuit of the coveted black belt.

“I think it’s the [Evolve] community that makes everything fun. If not, I would not have been here for twelve years.” Soo Wei reflecting on her time at Evolve MMA.

Her training mantra is simple—hit the gym at least three times a week, be it on the BJJ mat or lifting weights. This routine reshaped her into her healthiest self. “I’m at the peak of my health,” she says, “I feel physically stronger and better than I was in my twenties.”

Off the mats, she’s the voice that cheers up the airwaves every Saturday on 91.3 FM in Singapore, spreading as much joy as she does BJJ wisdom.

Celebrating Soo Wei is about honoring her unwavering spirit against past and present hurdles. It’s also about recognizing someone who, despite life’s knocks, has learned to rise again and again.

Soo Wei’s tale is not just motivating; it’s an invitation to embrace resilience and push past our limits. “I hope that Jiu-Jitsu gives you strength to conquer the hardest chapters because it is the happiest thing that I have done,” she reflects.

So, hats off to Soo Wei—a true warrior, our Evolve MMA Student of the Month, and a living reminder that the best time for personal growth is always now.