Charity BJJ Tournament In Toronto Shut Down

Charity BJJ Tournament In Toronto Shut Down



BJJ in Canada has taken another hit. As per Grappling Industries’ head David Aguzzi:

“NO FREE BJJ. I have officially been shut down in Ontario.

I was going to spend up to $20k to throw my FREE Toronto Tournament open to everyone, with the goal of $60k in raised charitable donations for breakfest for kids.

Already 250 competitors signed up 4 MONTHS EARLY and we believed getting over 1,000 competitors and the donations amount were going to be hit.

The best Black Belt referees, the whole med team, the whole set up team, and a lot of other amazing people had already pitched me FREE HELP to help me show the Ontario’s sports ministry BJJ muscles once flexed as a community. People like Rich BeaupitShane Weaver, and Xi Lau were bringing large teams to compete and make the event bigger, while also making sure we hit our charitable goals.

Doesn’t matter that no one is getting paid, that the event is paying out of pocket and not collecting anything, and that the event wouldn’t collect the money for the charity because we were going to have the charity be there to take it direct.

Athough, I am heartbroken that my country province by province is prohibiting BJJ tournaments. I feel it will not be immediately all resolved. It breaks my heart because there are great people in these provinces as portrayed clearly by some of their unselfness to help their sport and charity at whatever cost.”



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