Brazilian MMA fighter Jumps Out Of Cage in Russia, Loses Fight

Ex UFC fighter Diego Brandao is no stranger to controversy but in his last fight, which happened today in Dagestan, Russia, he may have taken it too far.

According to Bloody Elbow:

You can watch the whole video above, but the fight seemed to start getting strange with about 1:40 left in the second round. The fighters are on the ground, with Brandao biting Aliev’s ear. That’s not 100% clear, but that’s what it looks like. Right after that, Aliev headbutted Brandao in the chest. The ref separated them, but Aliev postured up and threw some strikes so Brandao threw an illegal upkick during the fracas.

As soon as Brandao stood up, he walked over to the door of the cage and asked to be let out. The fans started throwing bottles garbage into the cage, so Brandao just jumped over the cage and walked out of the fight.

The ref tried to get Brandao to stay before that, but he didn’t. So when was finally coaxed back out, he found out that the referee had awarded Aliev a TKO victory. The ref was apologetic, but Brandao is the one that walked out so there isn’t much he could do.