Bodybuilder Bradley Martin Rolling with 56 yr old BJJ Blue Belt Bryan Callen

Bodybuilder Bradley Martin Rolling with 56 yr old BJJ Blue Belt Bryan Callen

It’s official: MMA legend Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has accepted a grappling match against bodybuilder and Internet personality Bradley Martyn!

The UFC Hall Of Famer and current ONE Championship flyweight champion will have a friendly bout against Martyn, who is walking at around 265lbs.

Johnson appeared on Henry Cejudo‘s podcast and shared his thoughts:

It’s funny, you know. He’s 265 pounds, he’s a bodybuilder, so obviously he has got the weight advantage.

But at the end of the day, that’s the beautiful thing about grappling.
It’s not about weight, it’s about technique, and we’re going to try to grapple.

Mighty Mouse wants to make the match happen:

I told Brendan Schaub that I want to make it happen.

I’m busy doing other things right now, but when I get back from all my vacation I’m going to fly down to Calabasas and we’re gonna roll, man.
I’m gonna roll him up.

Previously, Martyn was a guest at Brendan Schaub’s podcast.
And when asked how he’d stand against in a fight against Demetrious Johnson, the bodybuilder replied:

150 pounds is like a towel to me

So, what do you think – who’d win this match? Johnson or Martyn?

A good indication of how this match would play out is by watching comedian Bryan Callen grapple with Bradley Martin. To put this into perspective, Callen is a 56 year, 170 lbs old blue belt with a neck injury.

In this video, Callen tells him to watch out for his neck because of his injury. Martin, decides to ignore this and right away attacks the neck. Callen is able to place a very technical butterfly sweep on the close to 300lbs Martin.

Another match is Bradley Martin against high level black belt Edwin Najmi: