6 Unhealthy Symptoms Grapplers Should Never Ignore About Their Health

6 Unhealthy Symptoms Grapplers Should Never Ignore About Their Health

High level Grapplers and athletes can sometimes be the most unhealthy people. With the amount of hard training that they put their body through, they are usually carrying along lasting injuries and health problems… Being diagnosed with a certain disease is apparently an indication that you are not well and healthy. Knowing what specific disease you are diagnosed with helps you actually determine what are the best and most efficient solutions you could do to keep your health securely.

But what if there is no diagnosis?

Know that every disease starts as a possible risk and danger. Hence, before evolving into a fully bloomed disease, they are firstly symptoms that are likely to tell you that if you don’t take action right there and on, it may lead to life-threatening illnesses.

So, what are basically the indications and symptoms that you are not healthy?

Well, there are actually quite a lot. On a daily basis, the human body reacts to whatever you are doing and feeding with it. More often than not, these symptoms are actually too subtle and too “normal” to notice. However, any expert and person that belong in the healthcare system in the recent times would know these unhealthy symptoms.

Here are some of the symptoms that you may want to check. Also, these symptoms are accompanied with the best solutions that you could do if ever you are currently experiencing the said symptom.

Solve Sleeping Issues

Symptom #1: You sleep poorly

The quality of sleep that you have every night can significantly tell you if you are having a healthy state of condition or not. If you can’t sleep soundly or easily at night, this is an indication that there is something wrong. It can be that your cortisol hormone level is high or it can be the food and drink that you consumed all day long.

Either way, if you are sleeping poorly every now and then – you may want to check your daily lifestyle. Solving sleeping issues can differ depending on the sufferer or the subject. Your food consumption is one thing and your caffeine intake is another thing.

Solve Stress and Anxious Issues

Symptom #2: You are always anxious

Are you always stress and anxious about a thing or two for certain periods of time? If you are experiencing a quite amount of stress and anxiety attacks, this is an indication that you are not healthy in both mind and body. Although some would say that anxiety and depression are largely things of the mind alone, researches and studies say otherwise.

By and large, anxiety starts alone in the mind but eventually the amount of stress your dealing with will affect the way your body reacts to certain events. Hence, anxiety attacks can impose risks and possible dangers to sickness.

Now, in solving stress and anxious issues – you could actually say and apply the mind over matter principle. Try to assess all the things that make you anxious and stress then consequently control the situation and things that you can handle.

Build Stronger Health

Symptom #3: You always catch colds and flu

The most apparent symptom that shows you are not well is when you always catch colds and flu. The colds alone indicate that your immune system is at its lowest and weakest state. Accordingly, having a very weak immune system can eventually lead to many different kinds of diseases.

The same is true for catching flu all the time. Know that your body can resist all of these if you have a strong and healthy physique.

If you are experiencing these kinds of simple illnesses every time, try to build stronger health by boosting your immune system. There are actually a lot of ways you could to boost it such as exercising daily and having a proper and balanced diet.

Real Care Comes Within

Symptom #4: You are always tired

Being over fatigue doesn’t only mean that you are tired and rest less for quite some time. It may also be an indication that you are not healthy. If you are always tired, it can be that your body is continuously fighting over a possible risky disease or it can be that your system is not stopping in battling all the toxins from your body.

The best way you can do is to actually take care of your whole system. The caring must start within you. No one will ever be responsible for your health but only you. Start analyzing where all these tiredness coming from. And from there on, try to control and lessen all the factors that negatively affect your health.

Solve Bathroom Problems

Symptom #5: Your urine is dark and your bowel movements are irregular

Usually, when you are to go to a doctor’s place or health institution for a check up – the very first thing you will be subjected for is the urine test. Often times, urine can largely detect different kinds of diseases. That is why an unusual change in your urine could mean something is off in your system.

The natural and healthy color of urine is yellowish but if you are seeing much darker colors of yellow then you may be suffering different kinds of risks and diseases. The same principle applies for bowel movements. If you are discharging dirt once a day or every two days, that is quite irregular.

The healthiest bodies always discharge dirt twice or even thrice a day.

Now, solving these bathroom problems entail a good and positive change in your way of living. It could be the food you consume and the drinks you drink.

Doctor Will Not Make You Healthier

Symptom #6: You have brittle hair and nails, body odor, dry skin, and chapped lips

Other subtle symptoms could be the brittleness of your hair and nails. Naturally, these things must be strong. If your hair and nails are always subjected to breakage, then it only means that you are not healthy and not receiving enough nutrients.

Having dry skin and chapped lips are also the same. Although the sun and weather could actually cause these things to happen naturally, dehydration is basically the problem. Hence, when you lack the necessary amount of water in your body, you will eventually get sick.

The same is true for body odors. While many believed that body odor is basically due to improper hygiene, another factor that could cause this is the improper diet. The food you eat and the things you consume can significantly affect your smell. Hence, unpleasant smells can be a symptom that you are not eating the foods that your body largely needs.

Now, always remember that doctors cannot make you healthy. Therefore, never depend on doctors. Although you could consult to specialists and experts, your health and wellness is largely based on your way of living.

In totality, these symptoms may all appear as natural and regular things for most people. However, it is always essential that you are always one step ahead especially when these things can be all related to possible risks and dangers to your health.

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Ryan Varela is the CEO of Boost Health Insurance which provides customized and affordable health care plans for thousands of customers across the United States. Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in the health care industry and continues to serve the greater need to educate and deliver access to affordable options to those who need health care the most.