5 Handy Tips For All First Time Competitors

5 Handy Tips For All First Time Competitors

1 Weight Cutting


If you’re interested in competing for the first time and have trouble choosing weight classes it’s probably best you don’t cut a lot of weight. BJJ competitions often weigh competitors just before you step on the mat and as such being dehydrated will hurt you some. This is especially unwelcome if you’re a white belt with no prior experience. So to sum it up: ask around how much time there is in between weigh in and first match and don’t go to extremes – just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

2 Don’t Work on New Moves Too Close to Competition

First several years are all about learning but incorporating a technique into your gameplan takes time – unless you have extraordinary talents stick to what you know. Once you get to the point of exhaustion, you will have a much easier time remembering the things you already used time and time again. Muscle memory is very important so do your drilling diligence.


3  Simulate Competition Settings While Rolling

To make sure you have the optimal results, you should roll in similar conditions. For instance, roll duration should mimic the duration of competition fights and if you know you’ll be competing against a certain fighter, ask your partners to mimic what they typically do. Most competitions also lack music so try rolling without some in the week leading up to competition.

4 Remember That Rest Is Very Important


Hard rolling is welcome during prep but like most things in life it should be done in moderation. Overtraining can cause injuries and set your progress back. Listen to your body and follow the signs it’s sending you while you have a chance to prevent damage. Training hard is extremely important but training in a smart manner is what makes all the difference.

5 Don’t Go Hard in The Week Leading Upto Competition


Last week before a competition is not a good time for new learning or for going hard. Many psychological factors play into it so give yourself a break and prepare yourself mentally. Visualize the fight, the environment, work on your game plan but avoid training hard. There are plenty of lighter exercises that will allow you to keep yourself on the edge without risking injury and having all your work be for nothing.

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