3x BJJ World Champion Erberth Santos Arrested For Series Of Rapes And Robberies

3x BJJ World Champion Erberth Santos Arrested For Series Of Rapes And Robberies

A three-time world champion of Jiu-Jitsu, Erberth Santos, was arrested in São Paulo for a series of rapes and robberies.
André Pessoa, another fighter who has achieved numerous titles in the sport, was also apprehended.

The investigations reveal that the fighters used physical violence and weapons to intimidate and sexually assault their victims.
The news was released this morning by Brazilian mainstream media Globo.

On Thursday (24th), the police from the Shock Police Battalion of Mato Grosso do Sul arrested Erberth Santos in Boituva, a city in the interior of São Paulo, for his involvement in a series of rapes and robberies across multiple cities in Mato Grosso do Sul.
André Pessoa, the other fighter, was also taken into custody for his participation in these crimes.

The arrests were carried out by the police, and the fighters did not provide a defense. They confessed to all the crimes during their interrogation.

According to the investigations, the fighters are suspected of raping at least four women, although the actual number of victims could be higher, as reported by the Shock police.

Following their arrest, Erberth and André were transferred from the interior of São Paulo to Três Lagoas, where they will remain in custody.
During the investigation, it was discovered that the crimes were committed with extreme violence, involving the restraining, threatening, and assaulting of the victims.

The authorities seized 26 cell phones, as well as knives and firearms, from the suspects.