3 Teens Arrested & Charged For Killing ATT Purple Belt Aaron Rajman

3 Teens Arrested & Charged For Killing ATT Purple Belt Aaron Rajman



MMA Fighter and American Top Team Purple belt Aaron Rajman tragically lost his life in July during a home invasion.

Detectives said Rajman, 25, was killed during an argument with several men when they entered the home and fired at least one shot at him. The men drove away after the encounter.
He was 25 years old. On Friday, it was reported – by Palm Beach Post – that three individuals had been charged with Rajman’s murder.

“I remember when he was just a young up-and-comer,” Nina Ansaroff said. “He was like one of the nicest kids. He would help anybody.”

ATT head coach Ricardo Liborio said back in July Rajman was a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under him and started at ATT “from scratch.”

“He was a great guy,” Liborio said. “Aaron was a sweet guy. As sweet as can be.”

(Left to right) Summer Church, Roberto Ortiz, and Jace Swinton. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Palm Beach Post interviewed Summer’s mother. She claimed that Summer and Rajman had been acquaintances since meeting at a convenience store in January. Judith Church further claimed that, on the day of the murder, her daughter was ‘forced at gunpoint’ by Ortiz and three others gunmen to call Rajman to see if he was home. Then, Church and an unnamed female friend, were allowed out of a car that would allegedly take the gunmen to Rajman’s home.



Summer was dating fellow suspect Jace Swinton at the time. Police believe that Church was the mastermind of the operation. Summer will be facing charges as an adult.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said, “This was no random act of violence. Mr. Rajman was targeted by these defendants and we intend to seek justice for the victim and his family.”

Rajman last fought in May 2016 at House Of Fame promotion.

In Florida, where Rajman was residing, first degree murder is a capital offense, meaning the three suspects could receive death sentences. All 3 are presumed innocent until proven guilty.