2024 Europeans: Mica Galvao Makes Triumphant Return, Gutemberg & Gabi Take 2x Gold

2024 Europeans: Mica Galvao Makes Triumphant Return, Gutemberg & Gabi Take 2x Gold

On February 27th, the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) held their 2024 European Jiu-Jitsu Championship finals in Paris, France. For the second consecutive year, the event was hosted at the Judo Institute, which will also serve as the venue for Judo competitions during the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games. The sport’s elite athletes were on display, with notable performances from Gabi Pessanha and Gutemberg Pereira, who each earned double gold medals.

Considered one of the greatest competitors in Jiu-Jitsu history across both men’s and women’s divisions, Gabi Pessanha of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil continues to cement her legacy. She captured her sixth European championship title, marking her third consecutive double gold performance at this competition. In the women’s super heavyweight final, Pessanha defeated fellow multi-time champion Tayane Porfírio by decision. She followed this with a submission victory over Thalyta Silva in the open-weight division.

In the men’s competition, Gutemberg Pereira performed well in his debut for his new team, Alliance Jiu-Jitsu (AOJ), after previously competing for GFTeam. The Brazilian earned gold in the super heavyweight category by defeating Yatan Bueno. Pereira then captured the open-weight division title by decision over Pedro Machado. These were Pereira’s first two championship titles as a black belt at this event.

Among the standout performances were Mica Galvão and Erich Munis. Competing in his first European Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Mica Galvão, the son of coach Melqui Galvão, won the middleweight division over Andy Murasaki via submission. Erich Munis dominated the super heavyweight bracket, earning a decision win against Anderson Kauan and semifinal victory over three-time world champion Rayron Gracie. Ryan Gracie’s son made his black belt debut at this year’s European championship.

Check out the results from the European Jiu-Jitsu Championship below:

>> Black belt / adult / female
Bantamweight: Shelby Murphey defeated Giulia Guimarães 3-2 on points
Featherweight: Jessica Caroline defeated Mayssa Bastos 2-0 on points
Featherweight: Margot Ciccarelli defeated Gabriela Pereira 2 to 1 on advantages
Lightweight: Júlia Alves defeated Vitória Araujo 2-0 on advantages
Middleweight: Thalyta Silva defeated Ingridd Alves who was disqualified
Light heavyweight: Aurélie Le Vern defeated Sábatha Laís 13-0 on points
Weight -heavyweight: Melissa Cueto defeated Izadora Cristina 3-1 on advantages
Super-heavyweight: Gabi Pessanha defeated Tayane Porfírio 9-0 on points
Absolute: Gabi Pessanha submitted Thalyta Silva with an armbar

>> Black belt / adult / male:
Bantamweight: Thalison Soares defeated Jonas Andrade 5-0 on points
Featherweight: Meyram Maquine submitted Anderson Duarte with a choke from the back
Featherweight: Kennedy Maciel defeated Alex Sodré 2 to 1 on advantages
Lightweight: Big Dorsey defeated Espen Mathiesen 2-0 on advantages
Middleweight: Mica Galvão submitted Andy Murasaki with an armbar
Light heavyweight: Mauricio Oliveira and Wellington Sebastião closed out
Heavyweight: Adam Wardzinski defeated Fellipe Andrew 9-0 on points
Super heavyweight: Erich Munis defeated Anderson Kauan 26-0 on points
Heavyweight: Gutemberg Pereira defeated Yatan Bueno 1-0 on points
Absolute: Gutemberg Pereira defeated Pedro Machado 6-0 on points