10 Guidelines to Follow When Visiting a BJJ Academy

10 Guidelines to Follow When Visiting a BJJ Academy

When visiting another academy for cross-training, here are 10 guidelines to ensure a respectful and productive experience.

Foremost, remember that you are a guest in someone else’s space. While you might not agree with all their rules, it’s crucial to show respect. Even though I usually don’t charge a mat fee at my academy, I fully respect those who do.

1. Always check the academy’s website before you visit to familiarize yourself with any specific rules or etiquette they might have.
2. Reach out to the academy in advance to ask about any mat fees or additional information not listed on their website.
3. If a mat fee is required, make sure to pay it upon arrival without needing a reminder. Even highly skilled visitors typically offer to pay, and it’s appreciated when they do.
4. Ensure you bring the correct gear for the session. For example, our academy requires a full gi with a matching top and bottom.
5. Maintain your composure if you face a tough session. Remember, you’re there to challenge yourself and improve.
6. Be considerate of less experienced practitioners. Allow them to practice and save the intense challenges for those at or above your level.
7. Avoid constantly comparing practices by saying how things are done at your gym. Focus on the experience and enjoy the different atmosphere.
8. Do not make excuses about the format, whether it’s gi, NoGi, or any specific rules. Accept the training conditions as they are.
9. If there’s no mat fee or it’s waived, offer to help out, perhaps by mopping the mats. Such gestures are often declined but are usually appreciated.
10. If you benefited from the training session, consider leaving a positive review online to show your appreciation and support.

By following these rules, you’ll make the most of your cross-training experience while respecting the host academy’s culture and practices.