1 Simple Tip For Making Daily Improvements: 1% Better Every Day

1 Simple Tip For Making Daily Improvements: 1% Better Every Day

Making incremental Daily Improvement through Continuous Progress

One of the most effective mindsets for focusing on long-term improvement is to aim for incremental progress on a daily basis rather than seeking large gains rapidly.

Establishing a goal of marginal, yet consistent improvement of one percent or less each day can yield strong results over an extended period. For example, if a particular Jiu-Jitsu technique is challenging to execute well, the goal might be to perform it slightly better the next day, even if still not perfectly, through dedicated practice.

With this consistent effort applied daily, one’s ability with that technique will steadily near the desired level through continuous practice over time. Following this patient approach over multiple years, techniques that were once difficult can become core strengths.

Regardless of life’s challenges, striving each day for even minimal advancement through dedicated training is a highly beneficial strategy. As discussed in the accompanying video, the concept of incrementally enhancing one’s capabilities or skillset by one percent or less daily can effectively support progress in many domains through the adoption of a sustainable, long-term mindset focused on continuous improvement.

This methodology recognizes that significant gains require sustained effort in small increments over an extended timeline. While challenges may occur that prevent ideal daily progress, maintaining an orientation towards step-by-step betterment provides the foundation for strong performance gains to develop gradually through dedicated practice across years.

Ricky Lundell created the “1% better every day” movement. This philosophy can be applied to all aspects of life. Ricky Lundell holds a fourth-degree black belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Pedro Sauer. He began training at six years old and is credited as the youngest North American to achieve the black belt rank. Today Ricky is a notable coach, trainer, and motivational speaker. He also serves as a strategy coach and head trainer for mixed martial arts at the University of Grappling. He coaches current UFC fighters such as Jon Jones, Travis Browne, and Frank Mir. Additionally, he has coached former fighters including Ronda Rousey, Dan Hardy, Miesha Tate, and Carlos Condit.

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