Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns Joins Cavaca & Drysdale’s Zenith Team

Gilbert ‘Durinho’ Burns Joins Cavaca & Drysdale’s Zenith Team



Multiple times Jiu-Jitsu world champion and rising MMA fighter , Gilbert Durinho Burns will be now representing a new team. The fighter has joined the Zenith team of Rodrigo Cavaca and Robert Drysdale, and will fly their flag in future competitions.

Up to now, Durinho had been training at Blackzilians and been the ground coach of UFC’s Vitor Belfort. With TRT being recently banned from the UFC, Belfort droped out of his fight with Chris Weidman and it looks like Durinho also dropped Belfort.




In an interview with Tatame magazine, Cavaca, who founded his new team soon after leaving Checkmat, celebrated the addition to his already powerful team:

“Robert and I have many friends in the  Jiu-Jitsu and the fighting world. I always got along very well with Durinho. Gilbert was part of Atos, and he came to us because of some problems with his team and such. He was coaching Vitor Belfort in Blackzilians, only without staff, and he had nobody to help his Jiu-Jitsu evolve. Durinho is a guy who is among the two or three best in the world in his division. He proved it when he came back to competing after a long time off and won a major title at the No Gi Worlds.” Cavaca said.

“Since Robert and I have this good relationship with Durinho, it became much easier. We were already close for a long time, but recently closed the deal. “

Cavaca is expecting his new signing to boost the team and their camp in Las Vegas. According to him, hiring Durinho will be no exception and other stars are on the way:

“We  presented our design to Gilbert and he was stoked. The agreement came from both sides and we will soon have more news for athletes with the same level Durinho “promised Cavaca.

In October of last year, Rodrigo Cavaca announced that he was leaving Checkmat to found a new team with his friend Robert Drysdale. Together they created Zenith BJJ team that participated in its second official competition at the European Jiu-Jitsu:

“The team is being launched gradually in competitions and we are already starting to appear with some good results, such as the Paulista championship of 2013, when we were only behind Alliance, and now in Europe. We entered with only 30 athletes, did not put pressure on anyone, because we are in stage adaptations and prioritizing other things at the moment, but for Pan, Brazilian and World, will get stronger, since our leading academies are located near our championships. Zenith BJJ is working from behind the scenes. The team was created with the intention of being a business and not just a Jiu-Jitsu team. Robert and I have thought facing the growth and development of our members, and this system is being created to help everyone manage their gym as a company, give all necessary support to affiliated academies, so that our instructors do not need to have a regular job and be able to live from Jiu-Jitsu.”