Dillon Danis Responds To Nate Diaz: ‘I’ll Fight Him in MMA Tomorrow’

Dillon Danis Responds To Nate Diaz: ‘I’ll Fight Him in MMA Tomorrow’


Minutes after a five-round war with Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz came to the UFC 202 post-fight press conference and
talked about all aspect of the fight.

He called out Marcelo Garcia black belt Dillon Danis, who has been training McGregor for this fight. Diaz is mad at him for being an American helping out a foreigner, acting up during the water bottle throwing UFC 202 press conference.

Dillon Danis is 22 year old black belt from New Jersey. He was given his black belt by Marcelo Garcia who he trains under in Manhattan, New York. He has earned his reputation to a series of incredible wins at brown belt level through some of the hardest competitions around.

Diaz stated:

McGregor brought in all these boxers from wherever. And that Jiu-Jitsu coach that he got….I’m going to get that Motherf*cker man. He’s on my hit list. He’s an American and he’s over there representing with them…And then he tries to act up at a press conference like he’s hard?


In a new interview with “The MMA Hour” Dillon Danis answered Diaz, and said that he wants to fight him in MMA. Danis still doesn’t have any MMA experience.


“I don’t know what that means, I’m on his hit list. But if he wants to do MMA, I’ll fight him in MMA if he wants. He can do a CM Punk with me and bring me into the UFC. He can be my first fight. I’ll fight him in a couple months, whatever he wants to do.”

… I had a lot of respect for Nate Diaz. I went to shake his hand after the fight, he wouldn’t shake my hand. He was saying things. This is the fight game. After the fight, emotions are high. But c’mon man. I did nothing to him. I don’t understand. But now he wants to make it personal. If he wants to fight, that’s fine. I don’t understand where that came from… Any kind of combat he wants to do, I’m ready to step in there with him,” Danis said. “Whatever he wants. No problem. MMA? It doesn’t matter to me. I’ll fight him in MMA tomorrow.”




Danis training with McGegor, with some striking. Smart move for Danis?