BJJ Black Belt Who Broke Drunk Guy’s Arm in Street Makes a Statement

BJJ Black Belt Who Broke Drunk Guy’s Arm in Street Makes a Statement

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do when it comes to street fighting (other than not being involved in the first place)…
Then that is provoking a fight against a trained martial artist.

But how are you supposed to know if someone trains martial arts?
Well, when it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wearing an ADCC hoodie could be a dead giveaway.

One drunk guy didn’t take that advice, though…
And he approached high level Atos BJJ black belt competitor Calon Sabino who was wearing an ADCC hoodie, provoking him for a fight.

The Sabino seemingly tried to get him to back off first, but the drunk guy kept pushing forward – so the young man threw the first punch.
A scuffle ensued, where the young man got the drunk guy on the ground, immediately set up an Armbar from Mount, and viciously applied it.

He then went to S-Mount, throwing punches, transitioning to an Armbar again, and then got back to Mount and threw some vicious elbows as well.
In the end, he stood up, leaving the drunk guy in blood and with a broken arm.

Check out the video on the video below…
And remember: it’s never a good idea to get into street fights.

The reactions on Instagram were a mix of support and also a fare share of criticism.

@kingjiujitsu: “Hey @bjjee @gilebjjee The guy in this video is @calonsabino , he is definitely not a martial artist and also doesn’t understand how bad it is he went to the ground for that long and didn’t get severely hurt, himself! He’s a sport JJ competitor, a very good one, high level, sure…that’s not in question…but after speaking with him in another post, he showed he was an Air head and not a martial artist…. Man…. Drunk people are drunk people, you don’t do what he did to a drink one, it’s unnecessary…and sure the guy kept coming back, but he wasn’t a real threat….this is a bad look for the ADCC Image and us Martial Artists and Academy Owners. He beat up severely a day 1…wow…nice…congrats man!!!!”

To which Sabino answered:

“@kingjiujitsu get your fake ass black belt out of here 😂😂 you scammer”
Sabino would then clarify the situation, responding to some criticism that he lacked emotional control:
“@jessicadoesjiujitsu I get your point but it’s not the full video and the streets are the streets this ain’t an open mat where you control someone. And if you’re familiar with the area I was in and the situation that was happening before you would know. White belt or black belt if someone has a weapon doesn’t matter how good of a fighter you are it’s a problem. Breaking his arm was the best thing I could have done and I am in zero trouble with the law 🤙”
Sabino wrote this on his IG afterwards: