The NNK (Noord Nederlands Kampioenschap), Northern Netherlands Championship BJJ 2014

The NNK (Noord Nederlands Kampioenschap), Northern Netherlands Championship BJJ 2014

Both the quality and quantity of the BJJ competitions is increasing a lot lately. A great example of this growth is the Northern Netherlands Championship BJJ (NNK in Dutch), this December the 14th in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Remarkably is already the presence of some of the strongest competitors and promising talents in different belt divisions, like: Tarik Hopstock (European Champ 2014 blue belt), Max Lindblad (European Champ 2014 purple), Eldar Yakuza https://www.bjjee.com/?s=eldar+yakuza (multiple European medalist purple), Daan Westra (also fighting in the PPV Toukon challenge), Ilke Bulut (Brown belt European Champion) and many more talents from all over Europe.

It’s not so strange when you look at the prizes they offer:


The NNK just announced some amazing prizes! Like the UEAJJ tournaments and the Finnish Open, the Dutch NNK is now also offering sponsorship prizes to support athletes to go to the biggest tournaments in the world. The NNK offers sponsorships for the IBJJF Europeans 2015 for all the winners of the absolute divisions.


The date of the tournament is well chosen so it’s not conflicting with any major IBJJF or other important tournament or BJJ event which is already quite a task with for example a packed November with more than 9 BJJ tournaments in Europe. For an overview of all BJJ events check our calendar: https://www.bjjee.com/events/ And also nice on time for a final tournament check for the Europeans.


For the people who think that winning a ticket for the Europeans only is not worth a trip, European Champ and Icon BJJ Black Belt Ilke Bulut will give a seminar the day before the tournament at Saturday December 13th organized by one of the tournament sponsors: Defense Soap Europe. All the defense soap sponsored athletes will be there as well.


Prizes: sponsorships for the IBJJF Europeans 2015, Defense Soap, gis, tshirts etc.
Date: December 14th, 2014
Registration fee: 25 (early bird, with free t-shirt)
Tournament website: http://www.nnkbjj.nl

IMPORTANT NOTE: the organization offers about 30 places for people that want to stay overnight for free!

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