[WATCH] That Time A Former Pro Boxer Took On French Riot Police

[WATCH] That Time A Former Pro Boxer Took On French Riot Police

Back in 2019, a dramatic turn of events took place during the yellow vest protests in France…
When a former professional boxer Christophe Dettinger became the center of attention – after videos of him physically confronting riot police officers went viral!

Dettinger, who once claimed the French light heavyweight title, was seen using his fists and feet against officers during the protests in Paris.
Dettinger surrendered himself to the police soon enough, facing custody and legal actions for his involvement in the violent clashes.

And, well, he was convicted soon enough – as he was sentenced to 30 months in jail.
Eighteen months of the sentence have been suspended, and he was able to serve the 12 months in what is termed “semi-liberty”.

Check out the video of the incident below.
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Reports from the courtroom suggested Dettinger’s supporters were happy with the sentence.
Why? Well, because he could have been jailed for seven years.

During the trial, he said he had made a “mistake” after seeing police clashing with protesters.