[WATCH] High School Wrestling Match Ends In Mass Brawl

[WATCH] High School Wrestling Match Ends In Mass Brawl

In a dramatic turn of events, a high school wrestling match between Oklahoma’s Elgin and Tuttle ended in a mass brawl.

The fight took place during a heavyweight match at Tuttle, where Elgin junior Jace Williams and Tuttle senior Jace Warren faced each other.
Williams drove Warren off the mat, leading directly into Tuttle’s bench.

This action resulted in an immediate reaction from both teams, resulting in a number of athletes and coaches going into the brawl – some of them trying to calm the situation down.

Watch the video of the incident below:


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Tuttle coach Bobby Williams expressed his disappointment with what happened, stating:

The situation of the kid driving our guy through the bench to the floor, that was a very unfortunate thing.
The kid was in the wrong, and that was bad.

But the stuff that happened afterwards, there’s no punches.
We got control of the situation really fast.

In the aftermath, Warren was declared the winner by disqualification.
The subsequent girls’ match was canceled as a precaution as well.

Both teams have qualified for the dual state tournament, with their respective classes competing on different days.