[WATCH] BJJ Competitor Slams Opponent Through Table On Purpose – Gets DQ’d

[WATCH] BJJ Competitor Slams Opponent Through Table On Purpose – Gets DQ’d

There are a lot of ways to get disqualified in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu match…
But some are more vicious than others. And some, you’ll probably see once or twice in your entire lifetime. If that.

For example, a guy slamming his opponent through a table – on purpose.
Which is exactly what happened at a recent Jiu-Jitsu World League event.

While it is unclear what prompted the athlete to behave in the manner you may watch on the video below, one thing is for certain: it was an intentional move. And it deserved the disqualification.
It was one of the worst and most dangerous displays of rule-breaking ever seen in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The bottom athlete starts setting up a Triangle Choke, to which the top athlete decides to stand up…
And walk straight towards the table:


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There aren’t many tournaments that allow slamming in their ruleset.
ADCC is one of them, but even they have strict rules about under which circumstances the athlete can slam their opponent.

Regardless of the ban, slams do happen in various tournaments from time to time.
Oftentimes, it’s simply because a grappler would pick their opponent up and then lose control of the situation – falling to the ground and ending in a DQ, even though no ill intent was involved.

But this slam, though… Was something else.