UFC Debutant Bogdan Guskov Says “Winning Is Better Than Sex”

UFC Debutant Bogdan Guskov Says “Winning Is Better Than Sex”

Light heavyweight newcomer Bogdan Guskov secured his first UFC triumph with a knockout victory over Zac Pauga!
This win marked a significant turnaround for Guskov, who had faced defeat in his UFC debut last year.

And, well, he was more than ecstatic about the win…
Because here’s what he had said following it:

I think first victory in the UFC…
This is, like, more good than like sex, you know?

Guskov now feels more than ready to take on any challenge coming his way:

This is big.
My future and our first signature contract and the second this win.

In our first fight, I could not show nothing because short camp and a long way from Paris, you know.
And now I’m ready to go to the top.

He didn’t take all the credit for his win, however:

Thank you for my team, from Dagestan gangsters you know, to Brazilian gangsters.

Thanks to everybody who helped me, and thank you for this victory.
This is not my victory. This is our victory.

Check out Guskov’s win on the video below:


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