Rickson Gracie’s New Jiu-Jitsu federation To Penalize Guard Pulling

Rickson Gracie’s New Jiu-Jitsu federation To Penalize Guard Pulling



Photo: Tatame

According to fightland.vice.com, Rickson Gracie’s new project: The Jiu-Jitsu Global Federation (JJGF), official website www.jjgf.com will be looking to adopt a rules set that favor more attacking Jiu-Jitsu, with no advantages, -1 for guard pulling and lesser points for positional dominance. This goes against the current rules set used by the IBJJF which is the ruling sport BJJ federation.

Rickson’s JJGF would use a similar template as his 2005 Budoo Challenge tournament.


In that tournament, Marcelo Garcia was beaten on points by US competitor Cameron Earl. That same fight had it been under IBJJF rules, would have made Garcia the winner.

We will have to wait a few days to find out about the JJGF’s plans, goals, rules, structure and more as the official launch is set for Friday July 18th.

Here is what Fightland.vice.com is implying:

Rickson aims to change that with a point system that rewards submission attempts (3 points), gives minimal nods to positions (1 point for side control, mount, and taking the back), and penalizes those who pull guard (-1 point).

Despite the hype surrounding Metamoris, I’ve remained skeptical that any rule changes will rouse casual fans. But after watching this clip of UFC Middleweight contender, Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza, competing in the similarly-ruled 2005 Rickson Budo Challenge, I’m now a believer.

Check out how he quickly racks up a 23-0 lead by attempting submission after submission before catching his opponent in a triangle choke.

These type of rules make for exciting fights as seen in Rickson’s Budo Challenge:


Budo Challenge Highlight Video: