Paulo Miyao Blasts BJJ Promotion That Offered Him $1000 To Compete

Paulo Miyao Blasts BJJ Promotion That Offered Him $1000 To Compete

Paulo Miyao, a renowned black belt competitor, has publicly criticized a leading BJJ promotion for its disappointing compensation offer…
Just $1000 to compete.

Given how popular, successful, and skilled Miyao is – that offer is, to say the least, way below his paygrade.
Miyao shared his feelings via social media:

Have you thought about dedicating 15 interrupted years of your life to a profession?

Recognized as one of the world’s best in the area. Having taught in over 20 different countries. Have your own school with over 150 students in less than a year of operation.
Having a social media with almost half a million followers and being one of the most active content producing in the area…

Imagine all this and getting an invite to test your knowledge with another field expert at one of the world’s largest conferences for $1,000.
It ain’t little money but in my opinion it’s little consideration.

This was an offer I had to fight in one of the biggest jiu jitsu events in the world.

He then went on to give advice to other athletes:

Competitive jiu jitsu will, for now and unfortunately, only provide a comfortable retirement for a few athletes.

A piece of advice to the young people who follow me: train hard and give your all as competitors, but also dedicate yourself to improving other Jiu Jitsu related skills such as teaching, communicating and selling.

That way you won’t have to accept any and every proposal.


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