Olympic Wrestling Champion Gable Stevenson Challenges Nicky Rod to Grappling Match

Olympic Wrestling Champion Gable Stevenson Challenges Nicky Rod to Grappling Match

Olympic gold medalist in Freestyle wrestling Gable Steveson, is recognized as one of the best wrestlers on the planet, & he has just issued a challenge to ADCC silver medalist Nicky Rodriguez for a submission grappling match.

Steveson did not specify the exact ruleset for their potential match, but it is understood that he is thinking of a submission grappling match, since the given challenge came about following Rodriguez’s win at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 tournament.

Arranging such a crossover match is actually quite possible, especially on a big crossover platform such as UFC Fight Pass Invitational.

There have already been elite wrestlers like Steveson that have previously competed against elite grapplers. Bo Nickal famously faced Gordon Ryan in a hybrid rules match and Pat Downey faced Nick Rodriguez.

In both matches, there were Wrestling only segments where the elite wrestlers won and in he Grappling segment, the grapplers easily submitted the wrestlers.

Stevenson is an amazing wrestler but it will be very tough for him against Rodriguez once the match hits the ground.

Following Rodriguez’s announcement of his absolute tournament win at UFC Fight Pass Invitational 4 on his official Instagram account, Gable Steveson promptly responded with the following comment: “Next up, me vs you!”.

Rodriguez not only accepted the challenge but also immediately began promoting the upcoming match.

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