Nicky Rodriguez To Face 3 Grapplers In A Row In An Unusual Event

Nicky Rodriguez To Face 3 Grapplers In A Row In An Unusual Event

Nicky Rodriguez has a unique challenge ahead of him…
As he’ll compete against three grapplers consecutively at “Sprawl In The Burgh 2”!

The tournament will take place on October 20th, 2023:

This isn’t a typical tournament, however.
Instead, Rodriguez will face Jake Lowry, Cody Gamble, and Zack Humbertson without substantial breaks; it’s going to be a continuous 24-minute bout.

Each grappler will get a full 8 minutes with Rodriguez – that is to say, even if Rodriguez does get submitted, the round won’t end. All rounds will run for the full 8 minutes.
This format offers Lowry, Gamble, and Humbertson a significant chance to prove themselves, as even a commendable performance against a top-tier grappler like Rodriguez will speak volumes.

So, needless to say, even though Rodriguez is one of the best grappling athletes today, this will still be a challenge.
As, by the third round and the third fresh opponent, he’ll have had grappled for full 16 minutes straight.

“Sprawl In The Burgh 2” will feature a series of other matches as well, because some of the best and most exciting competitors in the local area will be putting on a show for the fans in attendance.

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