Mikey Musumeci Calls Out YouTuber “Sneako” For An MMA Fight

Mikey Musumeci Calls Out YouTuber “Sneako” For An MMA Fight

Mikey Musumeci doesn’t appear to be slowing down with surprises lately…
As he is now setting his sights on the MMA octagon – specifically targeting the controversial internet personality, Sneako!

Musumeci, who has hinted at an MMA debut previously, made his intentions clear in a recent social media post.
Addressing the issue of bullying, he expressed his disdain for those who belittle others to elevate themselves:

So today I’m going to talk about bullies.
Bullies are weak people that make fun of others around them to give themselves relevance and make themselves feel good.

They pick on the differences of humans, which is the most beautiful part of humans, their uniqueness.
I really don’t like bullies, guys.

There’s this guy named Sneako, making fun of me, making fun of my friend, making fun of Jiu-Jitsu.

He calls himself a boxer, I’m a Jiu-Jitsu guy. Let’s have an MMA fight.
I challenge Sneako to an MMA fight. I’m going to shut his mouth and take the bully’s lunch money.


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Sneako, known for his controversial opinions, has recently banned from YouTube – where he had previously amassed over 2 million subscribers.
He now posts on Rumble and has been vocal in his criticism of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Musumeci himself.

Watch the video below, where Sneako reacted to Musumeci’s win against Shinya Aoki: