Joe Rogan Thinks That Elite Fighters Outside UFC Are Wasting Their Careers

Joe Rogan Thinks That Elite Fighters Outside UFC Are Wasting Their Careers

Joe Rogan, the renowned UFC commentator and podcast host, has recently expressed a strong opinion about the career paths of elite fighters…
Namely, during an episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience“, Rogan told Bo Nickal that the UFC represents the pinnacle of success for fighters.

He sees it as the ultimate battleground where the best of the best can truly demonstrate their skills…
Plus, he doesn’t believe that other organizations have the “it” factor:

No disrespect to the other organizations, there’s very good fighters in the other organizations, but I often feel like they’re wasting their career.

Because I see these elite fighters that are fighting in Bellator or PFL, and I’m like: “Hey guys, no one’s watching.”

Drawing an analogy to American football, Rogan compared the UFC to the NFL – suggesting that not being in the UFC is akin to not really playing the sport at its highest level:

I mean, some people are watching. You’re getting a little bit of a fanbase.
I don’t want to disrespect. But there’s a reality.

There’s the XFL and there’s the CFL, then there’s the f*cking NFL.
And if you’re not in the f*cking NFL, are you really playing football?

Rogan also highlighted the unique prestige associated with being a UFC champion, a status that he believes carries more weight than titles from other promotions:

If you’re the UFC champ, you’re the f*cking man.

If you’re the Bellator champ, I respect the sh*t out of those guys. I love them.
Guys like Johnny Eblen. I really wish that guy would come to the UFC.