Joe Rogan Says He Isn’t A Fan Of Cauliflower Ears

Joe Rogan Says He Isn’t A Fan Of Cauliflower Ears

For many involved in grappling and mixed martial arts, cauliflower ear is often seen as a symbol of dedication to their craft.
However, Joe Rogan doesn’t feel the same way.

Specifically, Rogan emphasized that sustaining injuries to one’s ears could lead to hearing problems:

Ears like yours get calcified.
You’re definitely going to change what things sound like.

It’s the price to pay to be dangerous.

He’d wear head gear to protect his ears, especially because he saw himself as an amateur practitioner – not a professional:

I’m just a comedian.

So for me, it’s like I got to mitigate what gets f*cked up, right?

Rogan also emphasized that some people aim to get cauliflower ears on purpose…
Which he finds quite incomprehensible:

Some people don’t even train with ear guards.

They’ll break their ears and they’ll do things to their ears on purpose so they can purposely get it.

Don’t believe Rogan?
Then watch the video below.

It shows an “expert” approach to getting cauliflower ears in Dagestan…
Which doesn’t involve any actual grappling.

We don’t advise anyone to do this.