Joe Rogan Podcast Fans Might Be Less Appealing to Women, Study Shows

Joe Rogan Podcast Fans Might Be Less Appealing to Women, Study Shows

According to a recent study, being a fan of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast might not boost your dating chances with women.

Joe Rogan, a significant name in the MMA world – also known for his comedy and TV appearances – hosts the podcast, which features a mix of celebrity interviews and deep discussions.
However, the podcast isn’t universally liked.

A recent study done by Change Research suggests that being a fan of the Joe Rogan Podcast could be a “turn off” for women.
The study involved over 1000 people aged 18 to 34, exploring their views on dating, politics, and personal beliefs.

Their results show that 55% of the women participants marked being a Rogan listener as a dating “red flag”
While only 35% of men felt the same about their prospective partners.

The study dug into other potential red flags as well.
One interesting find was that 9% of women viewed not using social media as a warning sign; 53% weren’t keen on partners avoiding the Barbie movie – and a notable 66% saw the absence of hobbies as a concern.

Change study red flags

There were also “green flags”; signs seen as positive by potential partners.

A striking 95% of women and 91% of men valued a partner who enjoys reading.
Supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement were other positives, as well as being more attractive in person and posting candid photos, as well as being a liberal.

Change study green flags