Gordon Ryan Reflects On Meeting Logan & Jake Paul: “Even If You Hate Them…”

Gordon Ryan Reflects On Meeting Logan & Jake Paul: “Even If You Hate Them…”

Gordon Ryan had an opportunity to meet Logan Paul & Jake Paul, prior to Logan’s boxing match against Dillon Danis.
And Ryan’s thoughts on the Paul brothers? Nothing but positive ones, it seems.

He shared why and how he met them:

Logan and Jake are friends with some of my best friends, and if you know me, then you know a friend of my friend is a friend of mine.
When Logan asked me to come out and troll Dillon, I instantly accepted when I saw it matched up with my schedule.

I did this:

1) to meet him and his team because you never know how someone actually is until you meet them;
2) because he’s a friend of a very good friend of mine;
3) because I love f*cking with Dillon.

Ryan praised what the Paul brothers are doing in the fight business:

They are bringing the antics of WWE (highly successful) into the real fight world (highly successful).

What it is is a combination of the 2 where you get the DRAMA of wrestling PLUS the fight at the end.
You can talk shit all you want, but the event is sold out, you’re paying attention, and everyone involved is making good money.

He takes inspiration from their success:

We are the same age, yet they are global superstars worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
I’m the GOAT of my sport, and I’m neither, and to me, that means I must do more and make improvements.

Instead of hating them, or even if you do hate them, you probably shut up for a minute and study them because they’re almost certainly doing things, at least certain things better than you.
If anything, be inspired by them. What they have built for themselves is incredible, and it’s seemingly the beginning.