Georges St-Pierre Reveals He Had A Cancer Scare: “Whatever Happens…”

Georges St-Pierre Reveals He Had A Cancer Scare: “Whatever Happens…”

Georges St-Pierre recently opened up about a significant health scare that played a pivotal role in his decision to retire from MMA.

In a revealing interview on Pound 4 Pound with Kamaru and Henry, St-Pierre shared that before his retirement, he grappled with fears of a potential cancer diagnosis.
However, it turned out to be ulcerative colitis – a condition characterized by intestinal inflammation that initially presents symptoms similar to cancer.

St-Pierre explained:

The reason why I really retired is because it took a lot out of me and I started developing a condition called ulcerative colitis.

It’s an inflammation of the intestine and my last fight when I fought, I tried to eat to gain weight and I had a very hard time gaining weight.
And I forced myself to eat.

The doctor told me that’s probably why and I developed that.

He shared what came about during the cancer scare:

I used to go to bathroom and it was a lot of blood.
I thought maybe I had cancer.

But I was telling myself during training camp: “Whatever it is, I’m going to wait until the end of the fight.”

Because, to find out what it is you need to do what they call a colonoscopy; it’s a camera they put and for that they put you on laxatives.
And I was trying to gain weight, not lose weight.

So, I was like – whatever it is, I’m going to fight and see what it is after.