Dillon Danis Has To Pay $100,000 If He Pulls Out Of The Logan Paul Boxing Match

Dillon Danis Has To Pay $100,000 If He Pulls Out Of The Logan Paul Boxing Match

Dillon Danis is returning to competition for the first time since 2019 – with a boxing match against Logan Paul!
Their bout is scheduled for October 14, 2023.


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However, a big part of the combat sports community is questioning whether or not the fight will actually take place.

And the reason behind it? It’s due to Dillon Danis talking about numerous fights over the last several years – only for them to never come to fruition.
He was even supposed to fight KSI earlier this year, but pulled out of the match for undisclosed reasons.

So, a part of the community thinks that Danis will pull out from the match again.
However, Logan Paul recently shared that measures have been put in place in order to prevent this from happening.

Namely, Danis will have to pay $100,000 if he withdraws from the bout for invalid reasons:

I’m convinced he’s not going to show up.

The clause is this: if he pulls out because of some sort of injury that he fakes, a doctor of our choosing has to verify the injury.
And then if he is indeed faking it, he has to pay $100,000.

Paul also explained why he took the fight against Danis:

He’s broke. This guy sucks. He’s a parasite of the MMA and combat world.
That’s why I took the fight initially. If he does show up, I get to be the one. I get to be the one to take an eraser and remove him from existence.

His name will never be uttered again. He’ll die that night, twice.