Craig Jones Says That Karate Combat Is The Future Of Grappling

Craig Jones Says That Karate Combat Is The Future Of Grappling

Craig Jones recently demonstrated his skills yet again – but this time, at a Karate Combat event; securing a win via Flying Triangle Choke against Philip Rowe…
And he now says that Karate Combat’s Pit Submission Series could revolutionize the grappling scene.

Jones shared his thoughts in a recent video:

The pit walls are the best stage for grappling.

I like the pit wall because in MMA, against the cage, the guy can back up against the cage and have pretty good defensive posture, but because the pit wall is angled backwards, you’re falling backwards slightly, so you are quite vulnerable there.

Great for grappling because if you back up, you don’t just hit the vertical platform, you fall backwards.
You actually feel quite vulnerable.

It has completely solved the solution of stalling in grappling.

Expressing his satisfaction with Karate Combat, Jones hinted at the possibility of exclusively competing under their banner:

Going forward I potentially might only compete in Karate Combat because, again, they take care of me, it’s a fu*king fun event

The contrast between working for them and, say, working for Flo or something is night and day.
It’s an entirely fun experience and I’ll be back.

Furthermore, he sees the format turning into the most fun one yet:

I’m gonna be a part of this, we’re gonna blow this sh*t up.

We might potentially dethrone everything in the sport through the use of the pit and proper matchmaking and actually treating the athletes well…

Going forward, Karate Combat – and I’m not being paid to say this – is probably the future of grappling.
They haven’t had a single boring grappling match yet.