Buchecha Reflects On First MMA Loss: “I’ll Be Back Soon”

Buchecha Reflects On First MMA Loss: “I’ll Be Back Soon”

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida suffered his first MMA loss a few days back, to Oumar “Reug Reug” Kane.

Reug Reug dominated the match pretty much from the first minute, negating Buchecha’s takedown attempts and winning exchanges on the feet.
So, the Senegalese national was granted the unanimous decision win.

Buchecha decided to share his thoughts following the fight.
And he didn’t have any excuses:

It wasn’t a good day at work for me, but I’ve been there a few times and I’ve always manage to learn from those moments.
I had some good moments but I made a lot of mistakes and I paid the price!

He emphasized that he will be back soon, that he is injury-free…
As well as that he’s grateful for all of the support and that he will keep going:

I never gave up on my goals or my dreams, and this time will be no different. Soon I’ll be back.
I’m fine and without any injuries, without sad stories.

Thank you all for the messages of support and everyone who is and always will be with me on the journey!
Let’s go because nothing has changed!


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