Augusto Tanquinho Looking to Extend Unbeaten Run in MMA this Friday

Augusto Tanquinho Looking to Extend Unbeaten Run in MMA this Friday



The 2013 World Jiu-Jitsu champion, Augusto Tanquinho Mendes has been making the transition to MMA. At 31 years old and with only 3 fightson MMA record, it’s considered late. He trains with Benson Henderson at The Lab MM in Arizona.

He will fighting this Friday at Legacy Fighting Championship 38. Tanquinho will face Evan Martinez.


Benson Henderson and Tanquinho


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In an interview the website”MMA Junkie ‘,  he spoke about his recent foray into MMA and explanation for his late start:


“I’m enjoying myself, and I’m doing well, so that’s my path now,” Mendes said. “I’m not young. I’m not a boy, so I have no time to lose. I’m doing my best to catch up to everyone.”

“Since I managed to be world champion in jiu-jitsu, I also aim to become world champion in MMA. And I’m not scared if my opponent has more MMA experience. I train with world-class athletes such as Benson Henderson. I train hard, and I’ll be ready.”


Fight Card (Subject to Change):
TV Card (AXS TV)
155 – Anthony Njokuani (15-9) vs Dave Burrow (12-5)
135 – Joseph Sandoval (7-4) vs Jason Sampson (11-1)
135 – Caio Machado (5-1) vs Steven Peterson (11-4)
135 – Augusto Mendes (3-0) vs Evan Martinez (4-0)
185 – Evan Thompson (5-1) vs Charles Byrd (6-3)
135 – Saul Elizondo (6-4) vs Eli Tamez (8-0)
170 – Andrew Parker (5-0) vs Bilal Williams (3-0)

135 – Mark Delarosa (2-0) vs Keeton Gorton (2-0)
135 – Tristan Grimsley (5-4) vs George Pacarariu (6-3)
135 – Levi Mowles (1-0) vs Ivan “J.P.” Cole (2-2)
170 Ammy – Cameron Couch (4-0) vs Kris Bickman (3-0)
135 Ammy – Jon Camero (4-1) vs Colton Wright (4-0)
135 Ammy – Federico Olivera (3-4) vs Jarrod Trotter (2-1)
125 Ammy – Anthony Torres (1-1) vs Chris Arreaga (1-1)
135 Ammy – Donis Francois (3-2) vs Dylan Ashburn (3-1)