Anderson Silva Reveals How He Got His “The Spider” Nickname

Anderson Silva Reveals How He Got His “The Spider” Nickname

MMA legend Anderson Silva recently shared the intriguing story behind his famous nickname – “The Spider”…
And it’s a childhood story!

It was during the conversation on “Ticaracaticast” podcast that Silva, former UFC middleweight champion, shared his childhood admiration for the “Spider-Man” character:

The nickname Spider came about because the two lives (Anderson Silva and Peter Parker) kind of fit together in some ways.
I was raised by my uncles, and so was Peter Parker.

I’ve always been a fan of Spider-Man. When I was a child, I watched a Spider-Man series and I kept pestering my aunt to give me a Spider-Man costume.
When she gave it to me, I never took it back. I wore it under my uniform, went to school and I thought I was Spider-Man.

Even the principal became involved as a result:

So the principal called my aunt to go to school and told me to take me to a psychologist because of this.
“He really thinks he’s a superhero, he can do sh*t.”

I climbed on the roofs of houses when I was a child.
They took me to a psychologist and nothing happened, it was just too much energy.

And, well, “The Spider” nickname itself was spontaneously coined during his time in PRIDE:

At PRIDE I was wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt, and the PRIDE announcer saw me and said I looked a lot like him.
I thought she was making fun of me.

At night, when she announced me for the fight, she called me Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and it stayed.