AJP Resumes Its Tournament Calendar With Internationals In Croatia, Brazil, And The USA

AJP Resumes Its Tournament Calendar With Internationals In Croatia, Brazil, And The USA

After the ADGS Tokyo kicked off this year’s calendar of AJP tournaments last weekend, the organization has resumed its weekly events, starting with three internationals in key locations around the globe.

With Croatia, Brazil, and the US leading 2024 into another stellar year of competition, let’s check out the highlights from each championship!

AJP Tour Zagreb International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Locals Dino Janes and Hrvoje Koscak keep the Professional gold in Croatia

On Saturday, January 20th, the Sports Hall Jelkovec opened its doors for colored and black belts from all over the world, but two local athletes seized the public eye for themselves with performances that earned them the gold medal in the Professional category.

First, the black belt Dino Janes (JJK Arrow) made his way to the 85kg division, where Hungary’s Lajos Nemeth (Zr Team Association) was waiting to fight for the title.
The battle that ensued was a balanced one, with both sides displaying their talent, but it was Dino who emerged victorious, scoring 6-4 to take the gold.

Before that, the brown belt Hrvoje Koscak (JJK Arrow) went through two battles to take his place atop the 94kg division podium. In his first match, Hrvoje went up against fellow countryman Vedran Cugalj (Mladost BD), scoring 2-0 to save his spot in the final.
Meanwhile, Vedran returned to the mats and submitted Hungary’s Adam Pahi (Zr Team Association), cementing the last fight of the bracket as a rematch between Hrvoje and himself.

In the gold round, both athletes went at each other with all they had, but Hrvoje was more comfortable this time around and managed to land the winning submission to take the gold medal home.

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AJP Tour Orlando International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Igor Feliz takes the triple gold in the US

On Sunday, January 21st, the Oak Ridge High School in Orlando welcomed talented athletes from all ages and graduations to fight in its mats, with one black belt going above and beyond by conquering no less than three gold medals on the same day.

Hailing from Brazil, Igor Feliz (Future School of Jiu Jitsu USA) started his golden campaign at the 85kg division, where he conquered his first title by submitting countryman Matheus Morais (Precision Jiu-Jitsu).
He then took off his gi and made his way back to the battlefield, this time gunning for the top of the No-Gi 85kg podium.

Going up against Matheus Morais yet again, Igor completely dominated his opponent and ended the bout at 10-0 to secure his second gold medal.

Still hungry for more, Igor Feliz returned to the mats one last time, with the Open Heavyweight division as his goal this time.
Standing in his path to the gold, Jefferson Nascimento (Renzo Gracie Orlando) was ready to give Igor a run for his money and that’s exactly what he did, putting up an incredible fight throughout the five minutes of regulated time.

After the clock ran out, a 4-2 score gave Igor the win and his third title for the day.

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AJP Tour Guaratuba International Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2024: Henrique Russi dominates to conquer the triple gold in Brazil

On the same Sunday, the Brazilian state of Paraná opened the doors of the Ginásio de Esportes Governador José Richa for an entire afternoon of Jiu-Jitsu.
While many strong competitors stepped onto the AJP mats that day, the Professional black belt Henrique Russi (Checkmat International) was a standout as he went through the tournament like a freight train, dominating his opponents and taking the gold in all three divisions he took part in.

His rampage began at the 85kg division, in which he submitted Cezar Bernardo (Team Monge) in the quarterfinals, scored 15-0 against Thales Barkmann (Ocsjj) in the semis, and landed another submission on teammate Jocimar Tarczewski.
With that wrapped up, Henrique took off his gi and went back into the fray, this time with his sights set on the No-Gi 85kg division title.

Once again, no one could stop him, as he submitted Thiago Silva (Gracie Barra) in the semifinal and conquered the gold round with an 11-0 score over teammate Rafael Felippi.
With two golds hanging on his shoulders, Henrique still had some fight in him, so he made his back to the mats and joined the Open Heavyweight division, where he scored 12-0 before ultimately submitting Nilson Almeida (Arena BJJ) to take his third and final gold medal on the tournament.

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