ADXC 3: Why Is Rayron Gracie vs. Fellipe Andrew An Instantly Historical Match?

ADXC 3: Why Is Rayron Gracie vs. Fellipe Andrew An Instantly Historical Match?

Held last March 2nd, ADXC 3 was born with the status of a historic event.

Being the first edition of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship outside the capital of the UAE, the tournament featured a breathtaking card, and one of these duels became even more memorable after its completion: the fight between Rayron Gracie vs Fellipe Andrew.

Not since Roger Gracie vs. Marcus Buchecha in 2017 has there been so much commotion over the entry of a Gracie into a fight.
Leaving the mats to enter the cage in his gi, just as Royce Gracie did before when he debuted in the UFC, the underdog Rayron Gracie faced two-time ADWPJJC champion Fellipe Andrew with the responsibility of representing more than 100 years of tradition in Jiu-Jitsu.

Marcus Buchecha, six-time ADWPJJC champion, was stopped by Roger’s collar choke.
Fellipe, also ADWPJJC champion and also a black belt under Rodrigo Cavaca, just as Buchecha, was also stopped with a choke using the collar, applied by Rayron.

Son of the legendary Ryan Gracie, whose greatest characteristic was his ferocity in fights, Rayron showed a colder and more calculating style, closer to his cousins Roger and Kyra, more distant from his uncles Renzo and Ralph.
This distance, however, was just in style.

In his duel at ADXC 3, Rayron had the support of the Gracie family, with Renzo, Ralph, Kyra, and Gregor shouting for him on the edge of the cage.
Renzo even came up with the right details to complete the victory, minutes before the fight.

Inside the cage, Rayron used his pressure to avoid the dangerous attacks of Fellipe Andrew, known for his game of triangles and attacks on the foot.
With firm grips on his pants and applying his weight in the right place, Rayron thwarted Fellipe’s attacks throughout three rounds.

In the fourth round, Rayron opened the fight with a takedown, landing with side control and attacking the collar.
Renzo shouted from the corner: “Clock choke!”, and Rayron went all out with the classic choke to secure the victory.

Rayron higlighted in an interview:

Fellipe is a very well-conditioned athlete. I knew I would only be able to apply my game in the final rounds.

Renzo explained the details of this position to me minutes before the fight, but I thought it would be difficult to get this right against Fellipe.

Renzo has this gift.
He showed a position to Neiman before the ADXC 1, and now it was my turn.

With the victory over the favorite Fellipe, after a fight full of strategy, the ADXC team spoke to Kyra Gracie, who graduated Rayron with a black belt.
The legendary competitor congratulated her pupil and left a message for Rayron’s next challengers.

It was a very important fight for his career, as he debuted as a black belt this year, in 2024.

Fellipe Andrew is very tough, but it’s great that Rayron is testing himself against the best, he didn’t get his black belt to hide afterward.

Before the fight, they said Rayron was too young for a challenge like that as Fellipe is already a great champion.
Fellipe said he would submit Rayron in the first round.

Never underestimate a Gracie.

To review Rayron Gracie’s submission and the other fights that became instant classics in world grappling, visit TX7.ae and check out the ADXC 3 replay.