Xande Ribeiro On Why His Guard Hasn’t Been Passed in 13 Years

Xande Ribeiro On Why His Guard Hasn’t Been Passed in 13 Years


Xande Ribeiro has legendary stature – he’s been an active competitor at the black belt level since the early 00s. His  7 World titles are accompanied by many other different ones.

The 38 year old Xande Ribeiro is a 7x black belt World Champion and ADCC champion. He is still an active competitor but is starting to face stiff competition from the new guard of Jiu-Jitsu.

His days competing at the elite level of BJJ are numbered and he will probably one day join his older brother Saulo in conquering the master divisions.

But Xande hods an amazing record: He has only had his guard passed twice in competition in the past 29 years and just once in the past 13 years!

This was by BJJ legends Roger Gracie and Marcelo Garcia. His guard retention is the stuff of legends.

Graciemag asked him about his plans:

“I proposed a challenge to myself: next time someone in a championship passes my guard, I’ll become a businessman,” Xande said, summing up his policy on retirement. “I 100% believe in my BJJ and in the way I fight. I base myself on scientifically proven techniques. And I don’t see anyone with the pressure that Saulo or Roger have — my great opponents in training and competition, respectively. Yes, there are big guys; however, they advance a little and then retreat.”

Who will be the next person to pass Xande’s guard and retire him? Or will he keep this amazing record forever?

Xande Ribeiro explains his whole concept on guard retention:

– Keep your knees connected to your elbows.

– Reverse hip.

– Guard retention when someone has you in their side control.

– Guard retention when someone mounts you.

– Use your opposite knee when retaining your guard.

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