Why Are So Many Female BJJ Athletes Resorting to OnlyFans To Earn a Living?

Why Are So Many Female BJJ Athletes Resorting to OnlyFans To Earn a Living?

OnlyFans is an ultra popular subscription-based website where people that create content can charge out a monthly fee for fans to access exclusive contents including adult content. These include photos, videos and music.

Onlyfans blew up in the past couple of years because adult artists started to use the platform to be able to control their content and profit directly instead of getting exploited by adult entertainment industry.

The trend of female athletes, including those in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, joining platforms like OnlyFans can be attributed to several factors.

Sexualization of female Jiu-Jitsu has always been a sensitive subject:

Here is a list of BJJ/Grappling practitioners that have Onlyfans accounts.

Firstly, the financial aspect plays a significant role. Many athletes in less commercially popular sports, like BJJ, may not receive substantial earnings from their sport alone. Sponsorships and prize money in such sports are often not enough to provide a comfortable living. Platforms like OnlyFans offer an alternative revenue stream that can be more lucrative than traditional avenues available within the sport.

Six-time jiu-jitsu world champion Talita Alencar : ‘I pay my bills with adult content’…

“I pay my bills with adult content. If I had just lived off jiu-jitsu like five years ago, I would make around ten thousand dollars  in each trip , with the fights and seminars. If I compare this to a week of work on FanTime, I earn much more [on the platform] than from jiu-jitsu”, she says in an interview with Splash.

  • Pati Fontes 3x BlackBelt NoGi World Champ Jiu-Jitsu @IBJJF

“The idea came up at the beginning of the pandemic, in May 2020, when everything was closed and I had free time. Wanted to use other skills to make extra money. It wasn’t a difficult decision, but I consulted with people I think are important in my life, like my brother, my boyfriend, my sponsor and friends. I wanted to know how it would impact different people.”


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Secondly, the rise of social media and the digital economy has shifted how people can earn money. Platforms like OnlyFans allow individuals to leverage their personal brand and following to generate income. This is particularly appealing in sports where media coverage and mainstream attention are limited.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the choice to use platforms like OnlyFans is a personal one. While traditional methods of earning through sport, like sponsorships and competitions, are still viable, the digital era offers new avenues that some athletes find more suitable or profitable for their circumstances.

It’s essential to recognize the broader context of economic pressures and the evolving digital landscape that influences these choices, rather than solely focusing on the decision to use a particular platform.