Watch: UFC Legend Royce Gracie Accept Islam As His Religion: “I’m Going to Mecca”

Watch: UFC Legend Royce Gracie Accept Islam As His Religion: “I’m Going to Mecca”

It appears that UFC legend Royce Gracie has converted to Islam. Gracie had a meeting with Eddie Redzovic (bjj black belt founder of Team Redzovic in Chicago) and Islamic leader Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq, and during this meeting, accepted Islam as his religion.

Royce Gracie in this video discussed his views on Islam, Palestine, and his plans to visit Mecca.

**Royce Gracie Converts to Islam, Makes His Position Clear on Palestine: “We are going to MECCA”**

In a surprising and heartfelt episode of TheDeenShowTV, martial arts legend Royce Gracie discusses his recent conversion to Islam and his views on the situation in Palestine, expressing a clear intention to visit Mecca.

**A Legend’s Journey to Islam**

Royce Gracie, known for revolutionizing martial arts through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in UFC, has made headlines again, this time for his conversion to Islam. In the show, he engages in a profound conversation with the hosts about his new faith, stating, “I’ve always had respect for the faith of Islam.” His journey towards conversion seems to be a thoughtful and personal one.

“I don’t drink. I don’t eat pork. ”
– “So, so, so you’re Muslim already. You have the Muslim belief.”
– “I got let my beard grow. Yeah, it looks good. No, it’s in fad nowadays, right?”
– “As a Muslim, you don’t have to have a beard. It is a waj. It’s an obligation. The prophet ordered it. But the core of what makes a Muslim is your belief, what we call a belief.”
– “You as Royce Gracie, you believe that there is none that should be worshiped except one God, yes? Correct. You believe that that God sent Messengers, yes? Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad. You believe they were Messengers, yes? That’s a Muslim.”
– “That’s it. That is… I can go to Mecca now. Now you can go to Mecca. We’re going. We’re going to do your testimony, and then we’re going to go to Mecca together. How’s that? We got to go to Mecca one day. We’ll do it in… Insha’Allah.”

**Standing With Palestine**

Gracie’s stance on Palestine is unequivocal. “I sympathize with every civilian that’s dying… on both sides,” he says, emphasizing the need for protecting innocent lives. He acknowledges the deaths of children and civilians in Gaza, expressing sorrow over the ongoing violence. His commitment to understanding the conflict and advocating for peace is evident throughout the discussion.

**A Visit to Mecca**

The most striking moment comes when Gracie declares, “We are going to Mecca.” This statement not only marks a significant step in his spiritual journey but also symbolizes his embrace of Islamic teachings and practices. His excitement about the pilgrimage reflects his deep commitment to his new faith.

**Clarifying Misunderstandings**

During the show, Gracie also addresses misconceptions about his views, particularly concerning his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He clarifies that his opposition to certain political entities does not translate into animosity towards any group of people, including Muslims.

**A Message of Peace and Understanding**

The episode closes with a powerful message of peace and understanding. Gracie’s journey to Islam and his stance on critical global issues highlight the importance of dialogue, empathy, and a willingness to stand with the oppressed. His story is a testament to the power of personal transformation and the universal quest for peace and justice.