Vancouver Girl Dies after Playing Dangerous Choke out Game

Vancouver Girl Dies after Playing Dangerous Choke out Game

Gabby Perez tragically lost her life as a result of a choke out. The 13 year old was participating in a game of “passing out”.

The goal of the game is to achieve that high that happens after a choke out.

Participants try to choke themselves or others to achieve a brief euphoric state, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prolonged strangulation can result in serious injury or death, the agency said.

Of course had she been in jiu jitsu she’d have known that surely.

“It was an accidental death caused by the unimaginable. Playing the pass out game,” a GoFundMe page for Gabby reads. “She was full of life, witty, always smiling and loved life. She has an amazing family that loves her so much. No one knew this was a thing. Something kids learn on social media, internet or school.”

A Vancouver police spokeswoman, said the agency is investigating the death of someone under 18 but wouldn’t release a name.

Vancouver police haven’t received any other reports of people playing the choking game. oregonlive first reported the story.

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