Tyron Woodley says Demian Maia will ‘lose his place in line’ at UFC

Tyron Woodley says Demian Maia will ‘lose his place in line’ at UFC



Tyron Woodley is feeling amazing these days. After the rumors of a Woodley vs McGregor bout were debunked by Ariel Helwani the reigning welterweight champion is enjoying life.

However Woodley isn’t enjoying constant inferences that Maia should be sitting atop his throne.

Woodley told BJPenn.com:

“It is unfortunate for Demian Maia because as per the old rule work, you know the pure sport, he is the most deserving of a title shot. He was more deserving of a title shot against me than Stephen Wonderboy (Thompson) was for a repeat (UFC 209). Now look at him. He is matched up against a guy who just recently came to the welterweight division. This is a guy (Jorge Masvidal) who had a decent, but not exceptional career in the UFC’s lightweight division that is a nightmare match-up for him. I honestly don’t see how he is going to pull this win out against Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal has some of the best boxing in mixed martial arts. He is probably one of the top three boxers in all of the UFC right now. Plus he is hard to takedown. And now, with not having to cut as much weight, he is very fast and super sharp. So if Demian Maia can’t take Jorge down, how is he going to defeat him? So with that said I am not planning to fight Maia, because my gut tells me he is about to lose his place in line.”


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Naturally Woodley is ready to stand behind a teammate however it will be an interesting matchup.

Masvidal is a very well rounded weighter and he’s proven himself against another impressive jiu-jiteiro – Donald Cowboy Cerrone.

Masvidal hasn’t been submitted since 2009, and has a 80 percent UFC takedown defense, still he’ll have to be at an all-time high to defeat Maia at UFC 211.