These 4 Quotes from Gordon Ryan & John Danaher at their Seminar Blew Everyone’s Mind

These 4 Quotes from Gordon Ryan & John Danaher at their Seminar Blew Everyone’s Mind

At the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, Gordon Ryan and John Danaher, legends in the world of Jiu-Jitsu, conducted a seminar that left a lasting impression on attendees. The seminar extended for two hours beyond its initial three-hour schedule, providing immense value and insights.

The seminar with Gordon Ryan and John Danaher at the Arnold Classic offered more than just Jiu-Jitsu insights; it was a deep dive into the principles of excellence, personal growth, and the power of mindset. These quotes capture the essence of their teachings, emphasizing the importance of the company one keeps, self-perception, focus under stress, and depth of knowledge. For participants, it was an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best, not only about martial arts but also about life itself.

Here are four powerful quotes from the seminar, reflecting the philosophy of these great martial artists.

Key Quotes and Their Significance

  1. “If you want to be great, you have to surround yourself with greatness and study greatness.” – John Danaher
    • Danaher emphasized the importance of being in the company of those who excel in their fields. To achieve greatness, one must actively seek mentors and coaches who are where they aspire to be.
  2. “You will never outgrow your opinion of yourself.” – John Danaher
    • This quote underlines the critical role self-perception plays in personal growth. Danaher stressed that progress in any field starts with transforming one’s vision of themselves.
  3. “It’s not how much you learn that counts; it’s how much you retain under stress.” – John Danaher
    • According to Danaher, the true test of knowledge and skill is how well one can apply them under pressure. Learning is valuable, but the ability to recall and use that learning when it matters most is crucial.
  4. “Not how much you know, how much you know about the moves you know.”
    • This quote encapsulates the philosophy of depth over breadth. Mastery of a few skills, deeply understood and practiced, is more valuable than a superficial understanding of many.

The seminar wasn’t just about Jiu-Jitsu techniques; it also delved into life lessons and personal development. Danaher spoke about the need to be great in all areas of life, asserting that disciplines in one area should positively influence other aspects.

Gordon Ryan, known for his bold personality, showed a different side during the seminar. He interacted with attendees, especially with children, in a kind and selfless manner, demonstrating that his professional persona differs from his true character.