Nicholas Meregali: “Winning Is Everything”

Nicholas Meregali: “Winning Is Everything”

What’s one of the things that differentiates a lot of successful people from the rest of the population?
Yup, that’s right – it’s their relentless drive to win. To earn that victory, no matter what it takes.

And it’s the same thing with Nicholas Meregali.
Although some in the BJJ community don’t really side with his general demeanor, even those who don’t like him can’t deny the fact that his mindset is one of the most elite in the sport.

For Meregali, it’s all about winning.
Here’s what he had to say about the topic in a recent social media post:

When I’m approaching life, whether personally or professionally, everything I do I see as a chance of winning.
It brings me a solid vibe of challenge that puts me in a position where, whatever it takes to get what I want, I will become better to succeed.

It may seem heavy and exhausting, which happens at the beginning of your life journey; but when you develop skills, experience, intelligence, and emotional strength, everything you decide to do will be easy, and life becomes more interesting.

More than anything, though, it’s about the process:

What I want to say is that winning is everything, it doesn’t matter if you are winning today, the process you go through to get what you want will last forever.

Choose to grind for your passion, family, titles, health, friends, and money, you will always succeed.


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