Keenan Cornelius Shows Deadly Five Finger Asphyxiation Death Grab

Keenan Cornelius Shows Deadly Five Finger Asphyxiation Death Grab

Keenan Cornelius has long pioneered some of the biggest innovations in contemporary jiu jitsu. The grappling phenom is back with another technique promising deadly outcome . In Cornelius’ words this is the most powerful choke against a prone opponent.

And of course Keenan being Keenan it does involve the lapel. And there’s also plenty of fine tuned details – such as keeping the surprise element by virtually covering up the eyes of the opponent until it’s too late.

Of course this type of technique needs the element of surprise as well as plenty of fine tuned details to work.


Check out the outstanding video below:

Worth noting is that cornelius has been spending plenty of time at the gym trying to catch up in terms of brute strength training to his opponents.



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