Justin Flores On How He Got his BJJ Black Belt in Under 4 years from Fabio Santos

Justin Flores On How He Got his BJJ Black Belt in Under 4 years from Fabio Santos

In the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, earning a black belt is a feat that typically takes a decade of dedication and hard work. However, Justin Flores, a high-level judo black belt coach and division 1 wrestler and former coach of Ronda Rousey, managed to achieve this remarkable milestone in less than four years. His journey, a blend of talent, perseverance, and exceptional guidance, is an inspiring tale for martial arts enthusiasts.

Justin Flores, also known as J Flo, is a name synonymous with success in various martial arts disciplines. With a rich background in Judo and wrestling, he transitioned to BJJ, bringing a unique blend of skills to the mat.

The Journey to Black Belt:

Flores embarked on his BJJ journey under the tutelage of the legendary coral Fabio Santos at BJJ academy Studio 540. His exceptional grappling base, honed through years in Judo and wrestling, allowed him to adapt and excel rapidly in BJJ. In a conversation on “The Everyday Perspective Podcast,” Flores shared insights into his remarkable progression.

“I always had an affinity for groundwork, so I had chokes and arm bars and triangles kind of dialed in,” Flores remarked, highlighting his seamless transition from Judo to BJJ.

Earning the Black Belt:

Flores’ journey to the black belt was unconventional but immensely impactful. Recounting his experience, Flores shared, “I wore a white belt to Fabio’s class, and after the class, he gave me a purple belt. Then, a few months later, a brown belt.” His progression was a testament to his skills and Santos’ recognition of his capabilities.

He spent a longer time at brown belt even though he was tapping out most of the white belts. One day Fabio Santos was watching him dominate his trainig partners and told him something that would blow his mind. “You are so good in dominant positions. But why don’t you work more on improving your defense and escaping bad positions. Put yourself in thos bad positions and work yourself out from there.”

Flores did just that…

Eventually, in 2020, just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Flores was awarded his black belt by Santos, marking a significant milestone in his martial arts career.

Justin Flores’ achievement of earning a BJJ black belt in under four years is a story of dedication, talent, and the importance of quality mentorship. His journey with Fabio Santos serves as a powerful example of how traditional timelines in martial arts can be redefined by exceptional individuals. For aspiring martial artists, Flores’ story is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing that with the right combination of skills, dedication, and guidance, remarkable feats are indeed possible.